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I was born and raised in an artist family. After I graduated from the university with a Physics degree, I started practicing different styles and techniques under the supervision of accomplished artists in Iran. In 2007 I left Iran to experience living and painting in other countries. My first stop was India where painting snake charmers and street performers became my obsession. I spent few years in Southeast Asia and Turkey and have been exhibiting my work primarily in the US.

Deeply affected by colors, my initial paintings were inspired by the force and subtlety of light in live subjects such as the spiritual dance of Sufis in my “Rumi on Canvas” collection. Over time, the source of my inspiration has migrated to within and has taken a more abstract or surreal form. Subject and message still plays a central role in my paintings, even though at times I hide them within the multiple layers of forms and colors. 

I continually observe how my technique and may paintings evolve from one to another and this gives me  joy and a sense of adventure. I see myself in the middle of a story told in a novel. I know how it started and how I have reached here, and do not know where paintings will take me next. 
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